Sep 13, 2021

Adapting and Aligning Public Health Strategic Skills

Summary: In response to new challenges and changing priorities, the de Beaumont Foundation updated the first set of Strategic Skills, which were originally published in 2017.


Nov 12, 2023

Public Health Pathway Programs: An Urgently Needed, Valuable Intervention to Strengthen the Government Public Health Workforce

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May 11, 2023

Public Health Workforce National Actor Map

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Join us to ensure the governmental public health workforce has the skills, resources, and support it needs to address the social determinants of health and achieve health equity.

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I joined the National Consortium because I am supportive of strengthening our nation's public health workforce. COVID-19 has taken a severe toll on our public health workforce, so it's even more important than ever that we come together on this important topic.

Kaye Bender, American Public Health Association

Addressing the real and critical needs and dreams for the public health workforce takes diverse and passionate partners. We are part of the National Consortium to synergize our efforts to better set the workforce up for success today and tomorrow.

Liljana Baddour, Association of State and Territorial Officials

I hope the National Consortium will mobilize practitioners and policy makers to support and invest in workforce development across staff/levels in governmental public health agencies.

Monica Valdes Lupi, Kresge Foundation

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